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My Weekly Writing Journal

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Dr. Lisa R. Hassler 

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In a nation where only 33% of 4th graders read proficiently (NAEP 2022), Dr. Hassler is confronting the need for change. Her book, America's Embarrassing Reading Crisis: What We Learned From COVID, is a  guide for educational leaders, teachers, and parents. She paves the way for improvement with her award-winning research on virtual school validity, raising third-grade reading proficiency. My Weekly Writing Journal: 15 Weeks of Writing for Primary Grades, is her most recent Language Arts classroom addition.

Dr. Hassler is dedicated to partnering with parents and advancing professional practice. Armed with research-based theory and innovative methods, she is reshaping education's landscape. Tune in to "The Brighter Side of Education"  podcast, where she engages in enlightening conversations with people making a positive impact within their school communities through action based strategies.

Join Dr. Lisa R. Hassler on her mission to shine a light on a path in education that inspires a brighter future for all children.



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America's Embarrassing Reading Crisis:
What We Learned from Covid

More than 80 percent of students who fail to earn a high school diploma were struggling readers in third grade.


     We all want our children to learn and thrive. We want them to achieve measurable success–and live up to the vast potential inside each of them. But in order to do that, we must tackle the biggest problem facing America today: reading. Without proper reading skills, our workforce is less robust, job opportunities are more limited and people's lives are held hostage as their own self-worth becomes diminished.


     Yet, the pandemic brought forth valuable lessons. The global crisis shed light on another, lesser known, pandemic already in play for children across America. At first, parents, teachers, and other educators grappled with online teaching. Then, however, came profound lessons about teaching reading to young students–and the success that followed–because of virtual education.


     America's Embarrassing Reading Crisis: WHAT WE LEARNED FROM COVID blends the pre-covid methods and theory placed within classrooms and homes and blends them into strategies that work in today’s environment. Hassler dives into her own struggles and triumphs as a mother and teacher to provide solutions to parents, teachers, and educational leaders in order to set our students up for successful futures.  

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Successful readers are often successful in life!

"Teachers are aware of this fact. Reading acquires knowledge and ideas and improves memory. Due to the turmoil of the last few years, a problem that has already existed in American children for a long time has become even more visible. This book describes the reading problem that has persisted in the United States very well and that we must face this issue head on to overcome it. This outstanding book offers practical advice for administrators, teachers, and parents to make teaching and learning how to read more effective. A big thank you to the author, Dr. Richardson Hassler, for finding such clear words and showing how all children can become good readers!"

Dr. Livia R. Pailer-Duller

5.0 out of 5 stars

Reviewed in the United States on May 24, 2022

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“To continue to be part of the reading problem in this country is no longer an option for me. The education system in America is ready for the change distance education can bring, and I’m passionate about making it happen.”

Dr. Lisa Richardson Hassler

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Dr. Lisa R. Hassler is an education consultant available for speaking engagements, professional development, private teacher coaching, and workshops. 
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