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  Chicago native author, Dr. Lisa Hassler, has been in the field of education for twenty years with degrees in Elementary Education, Online Teaching and Learning, and Educational Leadership. She is state certified in Elementary Education, Educational Leadership, and English Speakers of Other Languages.

     Lisa is an expert on distance education. She has studied, researched, and implemented online teaching theories and methods since 2016. Her strategies have proven positive results in her own classroom. Her experience includes teaching first through fourth grades in public, private, and Montessori schools.

     In her role as an education researcher and author, Lisa has undertaken significant projects. Notable among them is the insightful study titled "An Evaluation of Virtual School's Preparation of Second Grade Students for Third Grade Reading" (2021) and the impactful book, "America's Embarrassing Reading Crisis: What We Learned From COVID, A Guide to Help Educational Leaders, Teachers, Parents, and Change the Game" (2022). Further contributing to the educational landscape, she created the elementary writing companion, "My Weekly Writing Journal: 15 Weeks of Writing for Primary Grades" (2023), followed by her latest work, "World of Words: A Middle School Writing Notebook Using the Writing Process" (2024).

Currently, Lisa writes an educational blog and produces an educational podcast called The Brighter Side of Education. Lisa lives in Florida with her husband where they are beekeepers and sea turtle patrollers.

To learn more about Lisa's educational journey and background, listen to this podcast episode:

 Getting Personal With Your Host Dr. Lisa Hassler.

To learn more about Lisa's research and book, listen to her husband, Dr. Gregg Hassler, Jr., interview her on this podcast episode: 

Husband Interviews Host About Her Research and Book: Drs Hassler Have a Convo

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