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World of Words: A Middle School Writing Notebook Using the Writing Process


Introducing "World of Words: A Middle School Writing Notebook Using the Writing Process" – the ultimate companion for young writers! This unique notebook is designed to guide middle school students through the entire writing process, from prewriting to final draft.

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My Weekly Writing Journal


My Weekly Writing Journal: 15 Weeks of Writing for Primary Grades, aims to foster a love for writing in young learners while simultaneously enhancing their writing skills. The structured format and interactive templates provide a step-by-step approach to encourage confidence and creativity in each student's writing journey. 

An Evaluation of Virtual School's Preparation of Second Grade Students for Third Grade Reading Proficiency


Third-grade reading proficiency is an indicator of future student success in middle school and ninth grade, on-time graduation rates, and career success; however, 44% of third-grade students in one state were not meeting this goal.

The data from my study demonstrated that third-grade students in virtual school outperformed third-grade students in face-to-face learning environments in reading proficiency by seven percentage points on the State Standards Assessments between the years 2015-2019. These data were in direct contradiction with the data from the teacher survey and interviews. 

America's Embarrassing Reading Crisis: WHAT WE LEARNED FROM COVID


More than 80 percent of students who fail to earn a high school diploma were struggling readers in third grade.


     We all want our children to learn and thrive. We want them to achieve measurable success–and live up to the vast potential inside each of them. But in order to do that, we must tackle the biggest problem facing America today: reading. Without proper reading skills, our workforce is less robust, job opportunities are more limited and people's lives are held hostage as their own self-worth becomes diminished.


     Yet, the pandemic brought forth valuable lessons. The global crisis shed light on another, lesser known, pandemic already in play for children across America. At first, parents, teachers, and other educators grappled with online teaching. Then, however, came profound lessons about teaching reading to young students–and the success that followed–because of virtual education.


     America's Embarrassing Reading Crisis: WHAT WE LEARNED FROM COVID blends the pre-covid methods and theory placed within classrooms and homes and blends them into strategies that work in today’s environment. 

Available in hardcopy, ebook, and audio. 

Family Second Language Acquisition


How can the socioeconomic status of families can be increased through second language acquisition?


My research looks into the family as a single support unit in learning a second language. Parents, children, siblings, and even grandparents are all important conduits by teaching and learn from each other.

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