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Toddler Reading

American Dyslexia Association, Inc. 
A non-profit Organization

Learnedy can help. The Dyslexia Research Center provides screening and support for children struggling in reading and mathematics. With over 25 years of experience their international research team has created individual training programs to meet children where they are.

Parents can create a free account for their child until the start of school next year.

Learnedy is backed by The American Dyslexia Association Inc. and The International Federation of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Associations (IFDDA).

Youth Counseling

Life Coaching for Kids

Pamela B. Burke, M.Ed. is a certified Martha Beck Wayfinder life coach and school counselor. She has created many resources that are research-based and developmentally appropriate to help kids tap into their social and emotional learning skills.


She works with parents to provide their kids and teens with tools that will help them meet their goals and maximize their gifts.

Contact Pam for a free, 30-minute consultation.

She offers special pricing packages for Coaching for Kids.

Horse Whisperer

Horse Power for Healing

Horse Power for Healing is a non-profit organization in Punta Gorda with a mission to promote the empowerment of personal growth, hope, and healing through horse inspiration.

They provide equine-assisted psychotherapy to children through therapeutic horsemanship experiences, serving those with mental, psychological, addiction, and cognitive disorders. All sessions are provided by a licensed mental health counselor  and supervised by a certified PATH! and EAGALA facilitator. 

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Image by Lê Tân

Zinc Learning Labs

 Adolescent-literacy expert, Matt Bardin, is an educator with 25 years of experience. He founded Zinc Learning Lab to increase the reading levels of middle and high-school students. His mission to deliver reading growth to middle and high school students uses love-based learning and conscious reading, referred to as the ZINC, "hidden element," approach.

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Failure Free Reading

The Failure Free Reading Program was founded by Dr. Joe Lockavitch, a seasoned educator and applied reading researcher with a wealth of experience. Designed specifically for non-readers, this program has been transforming the lives of chronically failing students for over three decades.

Dr. Lockavitch's extensive background as a former classroom teacher, school psychologist, university professor, and special education director uniquely positions him to address the challenges faced by struggling readers. The Failure Free Reading Program specializes in accelerating vocabulary, comprehension, expressive fluency, and confidence in individuals of all ages who have experienced persistent difficulties in reading.

Playing with Slime

Spectrum Education Inc.

Spectrum Education is a small virtual learning community with the mission of empowering exceptional students to reach their full potential through a rigorous and engaging virtual learning community. They create online learning communities where instruction is differentiated based on the students particular needs and the family is part of the education team.

The non-profit organization was formed by two dynamic mothers and a dedicated special education teacher, Barb Southwick.  The formation of the non-profit was in response to the closing of a successful virtual classroom for students with exceptional abilities in the public schools. Nothing comparable was found to accommodate students with unique learning needs. Thus, the small group of dedicated women formed this organization to help families better educate their children. 

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