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The Brighter Side of Education


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Education Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Lisa Hassler, The Brighter Side of Education: Research, Innovation, & Resources is a research-informed podcast offering action-based solutions for teachers and parents. Committed to spotlight innovative individuals who bring about positive change in education, its primary mission is to connect educators and parents to resources that pave the way to a brighter future for students. 


The podcast's music was created by Brandon Picciolini from The Lonesome Family Band. You can explore more of his work on Instagram.

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“Dr. Lisa Hassler's podcast brings an array of interesting educational topics and presents them in an accessible manner. While the diversity of themes represented so far in the show is a delight, the fact that I leave each podcast episode curious to learn more is a hallmark of the high caliber programming. There's something of interest for everyone (e.g., academics, teachers, and parents) and the dialogue between Dr. Hassler and the guests digs deep beyond the superficial. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Chris B., FL

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