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Creating An Audio Book

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The question has come up a lot, “Do you have your book on audio?” Quite frankly, I just hadn’t gotten to it yet. It was on the list of to-dos for sure.

So when my Amazon Best Seller Campaign finished, I was onto the next thing on my list: make an audio book version of my text. I was put in touch with an awesome editor who got me started. I ordered my supplies right away: a professional foam covered microphone, an adjustable arm, and a connector cord. The software was already on my computer, so I was on my way within a week.

I had to play with it for awhile and you definitely need a whole day cleared with solid speaking stamina. I was lucky on this matter because teachers have this quality built in I believe! Whew.

The best part, and to my husband’s dismay, was that it was all done in our closet! As it turns out, the sound quality is really good in there due to the echo canceling clothes. Clothes are good mufflers!

So now when someone asks if my book is on audio, I can say “Yes!” Just don’t ask me when it will be out…August maybe? These things take time I guess. In the meantime, you can hear a little sample. Happy listening!

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